Monday, December 22, 2008


Yesterday marked the 82nd Birthday of one of the World's Finest Women. Virginia has been my neighbor for 14 years, though it is only the last 4 or 5 that I have had the pleasure of knowing her. We have spent many hours this past year drinking, talking, laughing, crying and eating. We have built a strong friendship that has included her truly brightening my well as just having one hell of a good time. One night recently we (okay me) lost my car on the streets of Sacramento. After a lovely meal, we took a "short cut" to the car (never a good idea) and ended up on the railroad tracks, in a suspect area of town, in the dark...all ended well when several blocks later we were safe and on our way.
Tonight I was honored to celebrate her Birthday...we dined on spinach ravioli, yam and gourgonzola bruchetta (how do you spell this anyway?) cosmopolitans, beer and wine (though not necessarily all beverages where consumed by all parties), and grasshopper cheese my face hurts from smiling and laughing and I am obsessionaly thinking how many miles must I run to remain calorie neutral???
PS...she is holding my cat Itty Bitty...that we "share"'s a neighborhood thing....

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Brandy Rose said...

Haha, Itty Bitty's chubby cheeked face is too cute!