Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Philly to Times Square

30th Street Station, Philadelphia to Penn Station, NYC

I took the train this morning from Philly to NYC. I love the view and feel of train stations, and the yellow pillars of Penn are wonderful. The train ride was so pleasant, and I passed the time listening to the opera of Paul Potts, and the spring season of Gucci. I am amazed that I am actually back in NYC, and how at home I feel here and in Philly. Perhaps it is time to consider a tour of duty in the East...though I know that that would not be compatible with the people who are important in my life...but what if...

Times Square, the day before...

This is a picture of Times Square this afternoon...a message board that I was lucky enough to catch with the lips. It is crowded today, and tomorrow will be insane...but that is what I came for, to end this year in a way I have ended no others, and that will pave the way for a different path in 2009. I must thank God for the courage and clarity this voyage has given me...along with some much needed closure. As 2000 and 9 begins...I truly feel this will be one of many of the best years of my life...whatever it brings. I have grown up, and am ready for anything...so stay tuned!

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