Friday, December 19, 2008


Virgin-6:45 am
This morning began at 4 am...EST. For those of you who know me, that is not my finest hour...I prefer 11 ish. Yesterday ended at midnight EST...after spending 1 hour trying to check in for my Virgin flight this morning. The 'Assistant's' at Virgin were not able to assist, leading to an early trip to the airport and a lot of praying that I really did have a SFO...which led to concerns that I was smart enough to navigate (and awake enough) the Hertz system at SFO...and drive home, which resulted in a shopping stop during which my intentions were to Christmas shop, and instead I ran into Roxane, and we had lunch...well and a tour thru Burberry and Coach...but I digress...
The Virgin experience is pretty amazing...mood lighting, and new age music...reminded me of the W in SF, and who wants to go down that road...again. The TV screens also act as 'menu's' and you can place your order electronically and it 'appears' carts or muss in the aisle ways. The seats are comfy, though the most curious thing was how long the wait was to use to bathrooms...people really seemed to enjoy the space and took their note to not wait until the last minute...plan ahead!

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