Monday, December 29, 2008

First Presbyterian Church - Philadelphia

First Presbyterian Church
Today I spent most of the day walking the beautiful streets of Philly, with focus on seeing what I have previously missed. This Church is amazing, in the heart of downtown, by Rittenhouse Square. The peaceful feeling of the building poured out over the street, and those standing nearby.
Tomorrow I take the train to New York, and will once again enjoy the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. I think I could watch this forever...I love the music.
Last night was a wild Mexican dinner with my Son, and friends...Philly has such great food and drink...and for now Son is working on a transfer back to my next trip to see him may be a hop, skip and jump to Long Beach...closely located next to my happy as I am about him being closer...I will miss the trips to Philly, I am really starting to like it here..

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