Thursday, December 18, 2008

My New Best Friend

My New Best Friend
I have a new best friend...her first name is "Never", last name "Lost". She has helped me navigate throughout Connecticut, and only exhibited mild aggitation when she advised me to go right...I turned "my other right" and she "recalculated my route".
I have never been gifted at reading a map, especially while driving. Earlier this year I found out that I could understand a map with assistance...though that assistance is now a thing in my past...and many things including Never suit me better.
I am fleeing the "storm of the century" in New England, flying to DC, spending the night, and flying Virgin tomorrow to SFO. I have never flown Virgin...and will be interested to see if it is all the name implies! So for tonight I will enjoy my cosmo in a plastic glass and my hot dog with nacho cheese in an airport bar. Who says travel is not glamourous!

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