Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Gym

The Gym
I joined "The Gym" the end of November. It was a big decision, as I have belonged to many other gym/swim/tennis clubs...but the missing ingredient was that I never actually went...more than once or twice. I had a lot of reasons...which led me to my morning of excuses as to why I could not go to "The Gym" today.

Here are my top five reasons...
1. I look fat in my workout clothes.
2. I cannot find 2 "gym" socks that match.
3. I am too tired.
4. I have "real" work to do.
5. Working out makes my hair curly.

In reviewing my reasons I decided that numbers 1 and 3 might be helped by going...and since I am paying to belong, I went. Amazingly, an hour later I am feeling great, focused, not tired, and hopeful that tomorrow I will remember this, and not spend unnecessary energy talking myself in or out of going.

A friend asked me if I would go back to my 21 year old body...and I said no...but maybe my 30 year old one...I decided today that though my body may not be in as good as shape as I was earlier on, my mind is in MUCH better shape, and actually is okay with the way I "look" now...and that realization made my day....

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