Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was spent catching up from a romp through Kansas. Thankfully my plane out of Colorado was as delayed as my plane in, and I spent the night in MY bed, instead of the Denver Airport. Laundry and mail needed sorting, the back yard needed scooping, plants needed watering, and the pugs needed love. Several errands later, I am late with blogging, and pulling together the details for tomorrow's Pugtacular.
In my view, the World is full of "parts" that make up the "whole". The details of the "whole" are remarkable when enjoyed by themselves. This is a picture of one Cob's owned by Goldhill's Welsh. I can see the softness that a hand can feel when viewing this "part". This is his nose/muzzle and lips. Horses are so large, and enjoying them a piece a time makes it last much longer...enjoy!

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