Friday, August 13, 2010



This last week has been a, a trip to Philly to enjoy time with my Son and meet "the One"...sleeping in...running every morning...brunch...dinner and drinks with great people...and navigating Philly with some confidence.  

One of many fabulous things about Philly is that shoes and clothes do not require the addition of tax during the purchase transaction.  Head Start Shoes is heaven on earth, and the Rittenhouse Rescue Spa truly knows how to perform a facial.

This is a picture I shot of a window in the Rittenhouse Square area of town.  I liked the way the drapes...were draped...there is a feel in the air in of excitement and perhaps contentment...I think about relocating...and am evaluating my level of courage...hmmmm....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great Things Come in 2's...

Great Things Come in 2's

Giovanni is growing in leaps and bounds.  Holding him is an experience unknown to me until now...and watching him learn about his now limited World is so interesting.  Earlier this week he guided his walker down the hallway, occasionally getting caught up against the wall, and able to push himself away...back into the line of "traffic"... his face just beaming...

This is a picture I took this week of him, and his lovely Mother...they are quite the pair.  I admire how she enjoys every minute with I know, though the chaos of child rearing never seems to end..."some day" it will suddenly be over...and you are left with memories...and hopefully gifted with a Grandchild...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boy Meets Horse!

        Boy Meets Horse!

Today is Giovanni's 8 month "Birthday"!  We celebrated by taking him to the barn, and introducing him to our friend's horses!   He loved the softness, and the manes...and actually took a brief ride supported by his Mom and Samantha.

This is my favorite picture of the series...taken in the barn, after his ride!  Perhaps we will be seeing him in a Lead Line Class towards the end of the year!