Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kansas Morning

Kansas Morning
This was the view from my hotel this morning as I struggled to get downstairs on time. Last night was a blur, with too much great food, some difficult conversation, Holiday gift exchange with my Team, and a couple of excellent margaritas. I thoughtfully set my alarm for what I thought was 15 minutes earlier than previous days, making the error of not checking AM vs PM...I woke up late, and showered, shampooed, hair dried (etc), shined and packed in 40 minutes. This lead me to spend a portion of the day wondering why I normally spent 2 hours on this activity....go figure....
I also am in awe of waking up in Wichita, and hopefully going to bed in Sacramento...though this may be far my plane is parked on the runway in Denver...must fly here, pick me up, and then return me to Denver in a timeframe that is compatible with my connecting flight out of could be a long night...luckily the bar is directly across from my gate...a happy thought would be appreciated!

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Brandy Rose said...

I love a good sunrise.