Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Food and Thankfulness

Food and Thankfulness
I am so fortunate in that I have never gone hungry...unless you count the one or two times I tried to loose that last pound to fit in my skinny jeans. Yesterday my work Team volunteered to sort food that will be given to families in need of assistance for the December Holidays. There were foods (meats) in cans that I was unaware were available in that format. Pat the Director is an amazing person, calm, direct and visionary...she also "donates" her "salary" to purchase additional food for those in need...a true Hero. It was an honor to assist her efforts, and was a gift to spend time reflecting on the many gifts of my life.
As a side note, Kansas is an interesting place...cold this time of year, flat, good margaritas and nice people. My hair loves the water here, though the wind not so much...

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believer in hope said...

we sometimes forget that our situation is all about chance...

Our health, our survival and our comfort as we go to bed at night is largely about what country we were born into, the point in civilization where we landed, the lifestyle that we experienced in our childhood and young adulthood and just plain chance.

For those of us lucky enough to be typing comments on a blog with a full stomach, internet access and the other comforts of life; we should truly feel blessed and fortunate for who we are and how we---by chance--- ended up in front of a working computer crafting profound and thoughtful prose.

A believer in hope