Monday, December 15, 2008

Sacramento Airport Parking Garage

Sacramento 4th Floor-Airport Parking

At my crack of dawn this morning I left for a week in Hartford...flying through Dulles. I left the house at the time I had planned...which in itself is a miracle (no laughing in the peanut gallery, please). I wondered about the lack of traffic, both to the airport and the road to the parking lot. Usually early Monday morning is a very crowded time, and today was a little scary with the lack of beings at the airport. This is a picture of the 4th floor in the Terminal A parking lot. I was concerned that parking would not be available in this lot, and have had that experience in the past. It is very scary to me that on an early flight out, I easily found parking, and breezed past Security...with 2 people in front of me in line. Times are changing...and I am frightened if I think about it for too long....

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