Monday, January 12, 2009

The Ultimate Camera

The Ultimate Camera
Today brought lunch with Dad. I was lucky enough to see this sculpture, which was done by Chad Glashoff, Phillip's son. On my list "learning welding" is about number 6. Chad, you beat me to it! ... the "camera" is a wonderful idea!
Dad and I have our routine, I drive down to his home, he drives out to Mankas Corners, we eat, we split dessert, we talk, he drives back, I drive home. Sometimes the conversations are difficult as we have been through a difficult period in my life, and he has always been the "one" person who loved me...everyday...for as long as he has been my Father. He and my Mother divorced when I was 6, not his idea. In an era that was not supportive of the "Father", he fought tooth and nail for his rights, weekly phone calls, and monthly visitation...he endured unkind comments and verbal abuse...when a normal man would have said "enough", and gone home. Over the years, when I have not been "perfect", he has listened and supported me...and provided me with 2 step-mothers who have remarkably enriched my life, and sense of self.
My Father is 80 now, and I know that I am very lucky to still have him as an important part of my life...and to have experienced a lifetime of unconditional love...which is almost unheard of in this day and age...if at my end I can say I was partially the parent he has been, I will have been successful...a nice thought.