Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today was another 2.5 hours spent with technical support for Dell. I made two new friends and was elevated a "level", which actually felt kind of nice...with the exception of re-explaining the situation for the 4th time...and all listener's in agreement that it was hard to believe that Dell was behaving in the manner described...go figure...he is 2!
Tonight Dell is sleeping peacefully...and will hopefully wake up in a great (I will settle for usual) mood tomorrow.
This is a picture I took last summer. I really love the way these boxes are positioned. Today as I was discussing my Outlook situation, and Dell's current unwillingness to share my mail with me, my mind remembered this picture, and the simplicity of our snail mail system.
So wish me luck...that after a re-alignment, and great nights sleep, Dell will be ready to get back to work...because honestly...someone has too!

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