Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finger Prints

Finger Prints...
Today is another in an interesting line of days...The Registered Nursing Board informed me late last week that in order to renew my License to practice, I must be fingerprinted. It is not that I am against this "safeguard" for our Patients...though do find it amazing that I have been practicing for 32 years...and they are just now getting around to requiring this of me. I must also say that I find the fingerprinting fee, the license renewal fee, and the cost of maintaining CEU's required for renewal a bit burdensome.
Of course, you cannot just get "printed" must make an appointment with a System that interfaces with DOJ, and the Board. So today, as I smugly thought I had a creative morning, I double checked my un-synced calendar...and dashed out to the Police Station. Now it is not that I have no familiarity with the is just so far, I have managed to personally avoid this particular spotlight...other Family members...not so fortunate...though they provided some fascinating learning experiences!
This is a picture of my hand...after printing. My baby finger is a little crooked from a tendon slip that happened as they were pulling my first child from me...and I was gripping steel handles...a long story in itself. My ring finger looks naked, and though I have come to be comfortable with that over the past 6 months, it still feels a bit weird when I am laid over in an airport and tired...and I must say...I love red nail polish!
So today's lesson I am on file...I must wear gloves if participating in any activities the DOJ would be interested in...good thing my yellow, and my hot pink leather gloves are readily available and eager to serve...

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