Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Life Board

Life Board
A year and one half ago I started a Life Board. It started with two canvas's, and a phase from a song that had played in my head for several months. They are full of snippets of my present and my future, pictures of meaningful images, and memories of events that were wonderful.
Creating this work, always in progress has been educational for me as an artist. Reading magazines during plane travel is always accompanied by the ripping and tearing of words, images and colors "for the board". I am now ready to add an additional canvas, as my current two are fairly well filled. I am not sure when I will be finished with this project...maybe never...they have provided a silence and sensibility from phases, words and images that float in my mind...once something is "on the canvas", room is made for new thoughts, images and feelings. If your mind is cluttered...give it a try...

PS...Jack spent 10 minutes in his crate today, chewing his bone, with the door CLOSED! He could have gone longer...I am the one taking it slowly!!!

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