Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid Week

Mid Week

Today was beautiful, and had a wonderful chemical feel to it. I feel more certain today, and though I am not sure that I should be...I will take it because it feels very marvelous! Chemistry is a funny thing...when it is in alignment it is amazing...and when it is does not exist, it is easy to change course.
I took this picture of the fountain across from the San Francisco Ferry Building, early last Fall. 2 Friends and I have a ritual of Ferry Ride, lunch, Jewelry Mart, drinks, and Ferry Ride. On our last trip I discovered this fountain as I ran down the middle of the traffic street "chasing" our ride...well okay...I thought it was our ride, and in my defense she did have a Great Dane in the back seat! This fountain evoked a feeling of peace and happiness...two feelings that I have enjoyed today....


Brandy Rose said...

I sometimes wish I could live your life.

Prodigalarts said...

love the changing the course.