Thursday, January 15, 2009


Without a doubt, dessert is the best part of my meal. Tonight was Karen's and my time. She is my lifetime best friend, March will mark the 53rd year of our friendship. Though we have never lived in the same town, it is a bit odd how parallel our lives are, especially the last 5 years. It is such a gift to have someone who really knows me, my history, my family, how my closet is never organized, when all of her clothes are hung in the same manner on matching hangers at the exact same interval...and yet she still loves me. She also understands...we have been thru similar twists and turns, though she has chosen a different path than I think I am walking is great to have all angles explored.
Tonight we discussed the intimate details of menopause...not a topic too many wish to share. It is always good to know one is not crazy...that others do not have all of the answers, I am really off the tract!
Back to the topic...usually we share the banana creme pie...which is good...tonight "menopause" made us choose chocolate!...and what a wonderful choice it was...we inhaled the cake, frosting, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel, and strawberries...we would have tried to lick the plate...luckily, our waiter saved us that clearing our table when we were laughing...

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Brandy Rose said...

I wish more women would discuss menopause, its like this mysterious thing for us younger women to fear. I think it would be a comfort to know that most women have had similar experiences.