Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What more can I say...another day, I continue to be ready for my next phase of life...something solid that I can depend on for more that a minute, or two. Calls today were deferred to tomorrow, so answers are close...just no cigar (cherry) yet.
I had an interesting conversation with my perfect Son today...his life is changing too...when he did not expect it. We reviewed certain relationship principles together, which is a really remarkable conversation to have with someone you have "homegrown" and raised. It was good to laugh at our perspectives, and hear his thoughtfulness when I told him I was over "halfway" to dead, and needed order and decisions in my life...I loved hearing him laugh, and say he had not considered that point of view.
Tonight I had dinner with my best Pug friend...she is having a serious surgery in two weeks, and she has offered to assist ME with a revised living will...which I declined initially (why do I need THAT?)...and then decided that I probably should face that music...as my current one needs certain updates. We had a detailed discussion...from what to wear as an expired person...to having pugs view us, so they know they have not been abandoned. Through the discussion, I came to see that I need to have a check in with Matt and Laura...I have a very clear picture of my wishes...but after all...I will be dead so what will my comfort matter? Another conversation that needs to be had...this truly was an interesting evening...
This is a picture of the bathroom at the Hyatt Hotel, by the Ferry Building in San Francisco...I thought it was beautiful at the time...and tonight I feel like it clearly represents my day...I will leave the final line to the readers...

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