Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stairs, another view...

Stairs, another view
Today arrived, and held a trip to the Gold Country. It has be years since I have been on that drive, and much has changed. It is obvious that the World is in a different financial place as many of the retail and food spaces were empty. This is a picture of stairs which I thought was very interesting and beautiful.
Walking thru the town of Jackson brought back memories of Laurel, a HD patient that I cared for many years ago. She and her husband drove to Sacramento three times each week, arriving at 4:30am. Dialysis had not evolved to bicarbonate, and patient's in these years had difficult treatments...though a bit more pleasant than death was for those who did not dialyze. They owned an Antique Business, and she made "Laurel" Teddy Bears. It was a proud day for manyof us who cared for her to be able to have one of "her" bears. Mine is now 28 years old...hers' were some of the first bears to have moving arms and legs...vaguely resembling a "Steiff".
The drive, the views, the photos, the company, the lunch were all is amazing to me that some days, with some company all that matters is the moment...I find myself not not reliving the past, or contempleting the is enough...and I am liking that alot...

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