Monday, January 5, 2009

The Crate

The Crate
My life is changing in leaps and bounds...and I am ready for it. I have laundry list that is longer than my arm, and the duties look as though years might be required to complete them. I am unwilling to spend years though, so hopefully I can be super efficient...or super something.
One thing at the top of the laundry list is crate training for Jack and Hannah. I need them to be more portable, and more 'flexible' in their environment. Yesterday I purchased a crate, bed and some bully sticks. The crate is now positioned in my home office in the exact space they spend the day sleeping while I work. It took only minutes for Hannah to climb inside, and nearly an hour for Jack to follow. Jack is not a fan of the crate as he was left for one for nearly three months by his 'previous' Mother. This picture reflects his 'I am not sure about this' face...though shortly after this picture he did lay down and sleep for 2 hours...nice....
My plan is to repeat this cycle the rest of this week leaving the door week I will try closing it for increasingly longer periods of time...if the rest of my list goes as smoothly as this first task has begun...I will be in great shape...if not, I will promptly proceed to 'Plan B', which I will scramble to formulate at that time...

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