Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to All

Thanks to ALL
Today was a day in which every cell in my body was micro-managed...which is not a good thing for me...there are reasons people that I work with are in panic mode, and though I understand them, they cannot be shared. In trying to think about a picture for today, this one pretty much sums it up, though one of the words is a bit do the guess work!
This picture was taken last summer during the aftermath of the Paradise Fire. A friend of mine almost lost his home, and in the days after the fire was was still off and on...very scary stuff. There were many Fire and Police Men who really did lay their lives on the line for others homes, and animals. This sign is a token of gratitude from the Community, and there were many others like it, all fabricated from butcher paper, or card board. All in all, it was an incredible testament to the Human Spirit...and how people do come together when the chips are in is all about perspective, and this trip down memory lane has made the pain of my day a scape of paper on my desk says...pain is part of learning who you are...

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