Saturday, February 7, 2009

San Antonio

San Antonio
I am in San Antonio at the Annual ASDIN Meeting...looking forward to seeing sights tomorrow after business is finished...and frustrated that the picture I took last night cannot be uploaded to Blogger...and that I missed posting yesterday...with my schedule that is coming up I am thinking I may miss more may need to "extend" my year!
This is a picture taken last year, in Salt Lake at the ASDIN Meeting...Mary, Dr Brescia and I. Dr Brescia "co-invented" the AV Fistula that I have been studying and teaching about for the past 2.5 was an honor to meet him, and thousands of Renal Patients have benefitted from his work.
Hopefully tomorrow I will have a great picture to I set out to explore this Town...tonight it is networking, and "enjoying" a invitation only dinner...what fun!

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