Monday, February 16, 2009

Chicago Airport

Chicago Airport
I am in Ohio for the first time in my life. Odd thing is that my Mother was born here...and I know nothing about it. So far I have made it to the Starbuck's which impressively sports a beautiful view of the runway, including marvelous clouds, free internet, jazzy music, comfy chairs yummy yogurt, tasty chai and friendly people. Perhaps I will spend the week here and call it work...would anyone notice?!
One thing I noticed today as I arrived at the airport at 5 am, is that I have missed "seeing" the obvious "Airport Culture". So many people, rushing, jockeying and hugging their mobile devices, like they are "life" and may bring them the serenity we all crave...the number of Premier and 1K Passengers on United is frightening. Though I am excited about my new work opportunity, and truly believe it "matters", I had to ask myself what am I running from with this insanity of travel...I have some ideas...and as I am teaching myself to do...will reserve conclusion for a while...a giant step for me.
This picture was taken today in the Chicago some of its inhabitants madly charge their devices between flights...very interesting...

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