Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Oxbow

The Oxbow
I was lucky enough to have lunch today at the Oyster "place" at the Oxbow. I think this is my new favorite meal...raw oysters with a light oil/vinegar/pepper sauce, clam chowder as you have never had it before (verified with raves from an East Coast customer today)...steamed clams, potatoes, carrots and an amazing broth/cream based "soup" with bacon, a multi "white" grilled cheese/delicious bread sandwich and fresh lemonade...just lovely!
This is a picture of the bottom/side of the rowboat/dingy that hangs from the ceiling over the center of the service area. The colors are varied greens, reds, browns, and blues...all made perfect by the fact that the are multi-leveled, and in some cases peeling...and you know how I LOVE peeling paint...
This was the second time I have had this fabulous spread...and yes, the second time is as good, and in some categories of life better, than the first...

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