Monday, February 9, 2009

Looking thru Wire

Look thru Wire
I am home from San Antonio...and too tired to load pictures tonight. In looking for something that was meaningful...this is perfect. I bought a book this afternoon for the plane ride home. I love browsing the bookstore, though have difficulty finding books I want to give my time to. I choose a book I had recently heard about...possibly ( I am hate to admit it) on Oprah. In some areas of my life I had had the same view lately as the Horse above!...looking thru something (maybe wire) though overall seeing pretty clearly. 10 pages in to this book, the author described me...and having seen that description helped to make the wire of the most worthwhile plane rides of my life...and there have been many lately.
I am looking forward to finishing this book...not all will apply, though that is wire is now down....

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