Sunday, February 8, 2009

San Antonio, Day 2

San Antonio, Day 2
Today was the conclusion of ASDIN...some really great presentations, continued to learn a concept or two...and had a great laugh on the escalator that spilled over into Starbuck's, and made me thankful that my days of watching "Big Bird and the Gang" are over...until perhaps I am lucky enough to share them with my "future?" Grandchildren.
Today I toured the Alamo, and several other sites in the City. This is a picture taken looking up at the Coyote Ugly Bar...and yes the bar looks as if it would be fantastic to dance time with the girls!...and by the way, is there an age limit to tap the wood?!...memories of the Board Room Table, NYC, ANNA, in my last life...when I felt the obligation to answer to someone besides myself...and I was in "trouble"...again, I am off topic...
I love the flags...and the bricks...and the air, aura...etc...look for more pictures in the coming week...

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