Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today feels like Friday...tomorrow I am flying to San Antonio. It will be my last time with this Group...and the meeting should be fun. There will also be some time to enjoy the sights, and hopefully see some interesting art, and take some fantastic pictures.
Today I was able to organize my life a bit more, something that is feeling really great, and becoming the norm instead of an intermittent thing. One more room nearly clean and closer to the goal...
This is a picture of my British Shorthair Kate. She is 4...and weighs twice as much in the Winter as she does in the Summer...and it really is weight, not hair. Tonight she is perched on a box spring that is being picked up in a bit by a friend and her husband...she is enjoying her few minutes of seeing the World from a spot above...I am enjoying having one more thing off my list...we both win!

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Brandy Rose said...

Oh that face it too cute.