Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well I am blown away...and have been for most of the day...speechless...and nothing too clever to write. I am in Yosemite...and if you had asked me where I would be waking up on my 53 rd birthday, dead would come to mind before Yosemite.
It is really beautiful here, the drive up green...and snow coming into the Valley. I was last here when I was about 7 or so...I do not remember much of that trip, and am sure that I missed the beauty of the rocks, trees, falls, and the wonderful smell of the air...though I know that these were the some of the reasons my Dad had brought me here...I was too young to appreciate any of it...and am not making that mistake again today...
This is a picture I took today ... the snow is perfect, and coming down again as I type this. 53 is looking much better today, than it looked yesterday...

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