Friday, March 6, 2009

Yosemite 53

Yosemite 53

Today is my 53rd actual Happy Birthday to me! I woke up in Yosemite today...completely spontaneous...and am still a bit blown away. The Valley was beautiful...the snow was so white, the crows were in love, the company spectacular, the call from my Father, the call from Karen (as I promised, yes for the next 10 days... I am the older friend) and eggs bennedict in the Alcove of the Ahwahnee were amazingly delicious and beautiful.

Tonight Jen and I had dinner...after a tour of duty at a Downtown Boutique where the owner was interested in my dating advice...go figure...and then there was the ring...

These are pictures of Yosemite...The amazingness of this trip...never to be forgotton...

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