Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Mustard Festival

Mustard Festival

Today was Mustard Festival Day! This is the third year a group of us from PugVillage have calendared and met for the event. Sara and Scott come from Bakersfield, Peg comes from Reno, Roxane and I come from SacTown, Michael comes from San Francisco, Jeannette and Frank come from Sonoma, and Vince is lucky enough to live in Napa. It is amazing how much all of our lives have changed over the past much we all have to be grateful for, and how we all have stayed connected thru PugVillage.

June is the first International PugVillage Meet-Up, and "friends" I have not yet met will be coming to Chicago, along with some of their pugs. Jack and Hannah will be vacationing at home...the thought of flying them is too much for me to grasp!

I am excited to say that I will also be making time to photograph some of the lovely Architechture that I have seen several times over the past few years, though time in Chicago up to now has only permitted flying in, attending the scheduled meeting and flying out...

It is pretty nice that you can meet people online...and develop friendships...BTW...not something my Father approves of!

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