Monday, March 2, 2009


March arrived yesterday...with clouds, rain, and joy. Today began what I historically refer to as my "Birthday Month"...let the traditions begin! Today I received my first "in the mail" card...and the phone call I potentially have received for 52 years from my lifetime best the past years, I have come to set my March by her call...reminding me how many days it is until I am older than she on paper...and always trying to set our "celebration date" after my Day, and prior to her Day. Our Father's were friends for years, as were our Mother's...her parents are both gone now, something I dread thinking about.

Part of participating in conversation, results in being the recipient of "advice"...during my second Birthday call today I got some really great advice...tell everyone you are 35...and when they question that...blame it on the dyslexia! I plan to try this ASAP!

This is a picture I took through the car window winding down the road home from Tomales Beach. There have been days when I have felt like this barn...a little worn...and alone...happily, most days those feelings are behind me...

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