Saturday, June 27, 2009



Yesterday brought the gift of accompanying my daughter for her "sex telling" 2 D Ultrasound, complete with parting gifts, 12 black and white photos and a DVD Video of the entire exam. The wait time for said exam was 1 hour 18 minutes, the exam-less than 5 minutes, a lifetime of seeing my Grandson move in the womb when he was 17 weeks old...priceless...

The Ultrasound Tech observed that "though I am not a Doctor, that Boy is well hung"...apparently music to all related males ears...and a free for all as to whom that credit goes to.

This is a photo that makes about as much sense to most as the Ultrasound views...though it is much more colorful. I will always remember the joy on Laur's face seeing him move, his head, body, heartbeat, hands, arms, spine, legs and feet. As we were walking out of the office...she looked at me and said that "she could not believe that I had grown two of those inside me"...I remember clearly when that bolt hit me...and it clearly changed the way I viewed my fellow was pretty amazing...

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