Monday, June 8, 2009



I have dabbled in Golf several times in my life. My first memory is that of my Dad, letting my brother and I take turns driving the cart...until I engineered a tight turn that resulted in brother flying out of the cart on to the Fairway...he cried longer and louder when he figured out that it bought him more time behind the wheel.

Tonight a friend and I saddled up our clubs and hit the driving range...which is a very interesting place. The thrill of hitting that tiny ball a straight 100 yards with a nice ark is pretty nice...though those shots were the exception, not the rule for my portion of the bucket of balls.

I was warned I might be "sore" Darin would say..."ya think?" This is a picture of my newly purchased golf glove. I liked that it fit...and also had a touch of pink!

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