Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Friends

Great Friends

There are days I am smart enough to know that I am blessed, and then of course days I struggle with my life in general. Today was fantabulous...a spontaneous trip via Ferry, as is our custom, to the City for lunch, a ton of Girl Talk and ridiculous laughter, and a trip through the Jewelry Mart...and oh, did I mention the chocolate malt?

This was the only trip where Debra had actually parked her car, and it was not necessary to run down the street, and jump in on the fly...something that I have enjoyed in the past...though the last trip had us running after a car, that was not exactly driven by that was an adventure...

This is a picture taken at the Ferry Building. The Ferry ride never ceases to amaze and delight me...and I so enjoy the endless discussion with Barbara about work, children, life in general, womanhood, and this trip the joys (and possible challenges) of being a Grandparent...very valuable information...

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