Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another Sunday

Another Sunday...

That did not go as planned...note to self...purchase a new, more predictable "planner". I have been introduced to, and have learned to enjoy "The Movies". Tonight I understood the hype of the "3 D" Movie, and in my characteristic "Nurse" way, was thrilled to see that the glasses are disinfected and single packaged in between uses. Once you see "3 D", one and two D are not so appealing.

This is a picture I took yesterday at the Glashoff Ranch...more rust and peeling paint...two constants in my current life. It continues to amaze me how much can change in 24 hours...and I am looking forward to the minute, hour and day that these types of changes feel like water off a duck's back to me...and perhaps as lovely as rust and peeling paint.

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