Monday, July 6, 2009

More Rust

More Rust
The rust of Unionville continues...and I cannot get enough of it. This is a picture of the side metal room...with a view of the Valley behind off to the side. I love how the air smells, the wind feels and the people just are.
Yesterday I shot an AK 47, and a Glock. I have a whole new vocabulary now...clip, firing line, magazine (not the kind I drool over the latest shoes). I know how to look down the site, the proper hand placement (though I am a bit wobbley), have had the theory of how a bullet is shot out of a gun explained to me, touched the spent shell and "bullet" that has gone thru the target and learned the theory of not pointing the gun at others and knowing where it is at all time...which is a challenge for the menopausal woman.
And may I say...riding an ATV down the gravel roads with dust coating my flying hair is a very nice way to travel...

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