Thursday, July 23, 2009


Some days my life is so confusing to even me, and some days it is so clear. My head seems to be on a little straight the past couple of days, though you might not see that with the hump in my back that Emily will fix tomorrow. Something about being on the East Coast makes me feel a bit more alive, and tonight as I sit at JFK in the 5ivesteak Bar I feel pretty happy.
This is a picture from the train that I took a bit continues to rain here...something that I have not seen in months, and escaping the heat of Sacramento has been great.
On a side note, my daughter phoned today...the first time because the house alarm was going off, the second time because she had just had another ultrasound featuring Giovanni...who as of late may so far be the most ultrasounded "Peterson/Bannon/Flores" in history. As she proudly reported that he has a heart, brain, 2 kidneys and a bladder (Yah!) it struck me as it has before that he is really coming. The Doctor said he was "long"...not really a Peterson trait (sorry Dad!) ... so perhaps he will be early (and healthy) arriving at Thanksgiving when Mogy is I feel aware of how blessed I am...and that is a great thing...

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