Friday, July 10, 2009



Friday and Saturday night was spent fishing. Who knew that you fished at night? During my formative years fishing was done frequently, and an all day uncomfortable event...that is another story though. Fishing for trout is actually quiet pleasant. The float tube is a miracle invention that when combined with the correct clothes and shoes is really quite remarkably relaxing and fun.

I was proud to have caught a tree on Saturday night...along with wrapping line around my boot and flipper which was covertly attended to by a passing could see the men chucking at the "blond" with the tangled twine, though the highlight was my call to Jen on the cellie...and the "are you on a cellphone" belly laughs! Hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do...

This is a picture of beautiful twisted rusty metal near the cabin...some things do not change for me...and the amazing things I have been shown over the past months continue to delight and blow me away...

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