Thursday, July 30, 2009

If this is Thursday, it must be London

It this is Thursday, it must be London

Time is a little fuzzy from the flying and changing time. Today is Thursday and I am in London, at least until departing for Paris. Breakfast this morning was excellent, and it is seldom that I am that hungry and consume food with such gusto. I had forgotten how crazy scrambled eggs and baked beans sounds...and how delicious they taste...sounds more like a camping meal than a City meal...

This is a picture I shot in during the cab ride to the International Train Station. It is a portion of the large bus that transports, and regularly cuts off the cab, and causes the Driver to curse. The number of moving people here is less than I remember during my last trip, and less than I expected. I will be adding "train stations" to my list of favorites...though still behind rust and peeling paint.

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