Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random One Week Before Thanksgiving Thoughts, 2009

Random One Week Before Thanksgiving Thoughts, 2009

Thanksgiving is one week from tonight...2009, where have you gone? So much growth in the past year, so much seen, so many amazing experiences, several really nice people...a different view of my life.

This week has been a gift...time at home, working in my robe, pugs snoring day round, gutters cleaned and leaf-proof, carpets cleaned and "sealed" (we shall see!), studio cleaned out and ready for relaxation and creativity, downstairs organized and ready for Giovanni, several meals with good friends, time to visit with my neighbors, and my son and daughter once again in my home...

There is no doubt that the Holidays feel different this year...partially due to the final few words pending in my old life vs. final few chapters...partially due to the gift of a Grandchild, partially due to my head finally being on straight...and looking forward.

This is a picture I took of Matt when he first moved to Philly...he now has his head on straight, and has created an impressive life for himself in PA. It is interesting to hear him talk about his job, how he likes it, how he is grateful to have a job...I am so proud of him...Tonight he, Laur and I are going to dinner...our first night out in 2 years as a trio...and finally it seems that we are all comfortable with that...a lovely Holiday gift indeed...

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