Monday, November 2, 2009


Most weeks lately have included a plane change in Denver...this week it was my final destination. I know the United Terminal well...there is a fabulous cosmetics store and as airport food goes, a tasty Mexican Bar with killer margaritas. The Terminal is long enough that you can walk, and get your "airplane" legs undone...then there is the "Pet Store", all kinds of items representing all kinds of dogs...and finally several jewelry and art shops that are interesting to browse.
As I continue to make decisions as to where I might want to be next year at this time, Denver appears on my list. Many positives including cost of living, more mid Country, several great friends already located here, direct flights to nearly everywhere...and 4 hours to Philly and 2 hours to Sacramento.
This is a picture I took on my way home from Atlanta last week as I cruised to Sacramento via Denver. Amazing that in spite of the "rice" and "de-icing", my flight was actually early into SMF. So I guess I will add "competent airline people" to the Denver list...truly a good thing...

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