Saturday, October 31, 2009

Shopping for Postpartum Items

Shopping for Post Partum Items

My lovely, charming daughter will be giving birth to my 1st Grandchild within the next 5 weeks. After yesterday's trip to the Baby Store, I have figured out there are several things that she will need postpartum, that are not in her daily wardrobe.

The list is as follows:
1. underwear that function as "underwear"
2. Pajamas that are functional, not "Victoria's Secret"
3. Slippers that are "non skid"
4. A bathrobe that is comfy, and covers most...

I hit the outlets today with a patient friend. I must admit I took great pleasure in purchasing "Granny panties" that will accommodate postpartum requirements...and was lucky enough to find the perfect fluffy robe, and a pair of polka dot pajamas...complete with the whole button up the front thing that will be necessary for those late night, early morning breast feedings.

This is a picture of Gio's Dad's hands over Laur's pregnant tummy. I took this when she was about 6 months...a note to self that I need to take another...

As each day marches by, it is evident that Gio is coming...and today we became a step closer to being ready...

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