Friday, October 23, 2009

The Frustrations of Technology

The Frustrations of Technology

Luckily I am still vibrantly aware of the feeling of being in China. I spent the majority of the day recalling my journey as I dealt with my technological world that is now spiraling out of control. My loaner computer arrived today...bless the soul who found and shipped it. Initially the on and off button only functioned in the off position, I was locked out because I did not know the correct user code, I cannot load my phone card or printer as there is no CD/DVD drive...only a disk drive and it is slow as molasses in January...

Attempting to file my expense report, a usual 1.5 hour process took just over 3 hours today as the system had been revised and improved...just how I am not sure...and finally...I cannot get into my Outlook calendar as I am not "authorized". So for now I am taking the rest of the night off...and will begin battle again with the Beast when I can emotionally deal with it.

This is a picture I took in the 798 Art Complex in Beijing...and example of the interesting graffiti that graced the sides of some of the buildings. I love the colors and the expression...and the memory of a fabulous time...

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