Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Is How I Entertain Myself at the Airport

This Is How I Entertain Myself at the Airport
The end of a long week always ends at the Airport. Today that is El of the strangest places on Earth that I have visited...Security here is tighter than China...go figure...
The Terminal that houses United lacks a bar...instead they have a "hallway" with tables that you can "self serve" your order...and food is not an option. I ended up having an intense conversation with a Funeral Director who thought he may service some of my patients...flashback of "Six Feet Under!"...and a reminder that we are all in the track to become a customer of his, or his associates...good times.
This is a picture I took this afternoon after I had cleared Security. The flags reminded me of the scarves present in China...funny how so many things remind me of that trip...and call me back to those 12 days...I had a conversation about India last night...perhaps that will be my next big adventure...

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