Monday, August 10, 2009



I may be going to Beijing...on the adventure of a lifetime...if I am approved for a Visa, and if my Boss grants me the time to enjoy. I applied today for my Visa, and await treasured Passport is in San Francisco in the hands of those who will decide if my past allows me my future.

This is the closest photo I have taken that portrays my imagined look of was taken in Shoshone...on the way home from a life changing trip to Death Valley. My tide is changing, and finally feels as if a I can feel a direction that includes love, faith and happiness...tonight I am feeling just plain lucky...and that is very nice...


Brandy Rose said...

Long time no see. Lots of great pics as usual :)

Prodigalarts said...

hey u
did u know that orange is the highest vibratory color.
like the photos and writings.