Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Lazy, Rainy Sunday Morning

A Lazy, Rainy Sunday Morning

Someone once wrote to me that rainy mornings are best spent in bed...and I agree...though 2 pugs and a cat do not equal other mornings I have had in the past few months...they are my reality this rainy morning...

Today is my Son's 27th Birthday. He has had a full weekend of celebration, and when I spoke to him earlier, he was enjoying brunch out and looking forward to napping most of the afternoon. Some memories for me are like yesterday, and others I have completely lost within 2 minutes. I clearly remember my pregnancy and Matts' birth...holding him, marveling at his perfection at 2 am feedings and enjoying every minute he contributed to making my house a home.

This is a picture of a watercolor I did of him 3 years ago. It is based on how I feel his personality and his love for takes in to account his shoulder which was injured in an automobile accident...and his ever lovely orange hair.

Happy Birthday Matt...I love you with all my heart....

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