Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Children, The Gift Continues To Give...

Children, The Gift That Continues To Give...

This has been a gift week...I am able to sleep in a bit, and work in my bathrobe for as many hours as I please...very nice. When I awoke this morning my Blackberry report a missed call at 5:25 am...not the call I was hoping for...but one from my perfect son...who knows his Mother is never up at 5:25 am unless dictated by travel. I rang him back thinking he had miss-dialed...only to be told he had been in the Emergency Room for several hours, and had broken his foot...oh...and he needed to call me right back.

Famous last words, 2 text messages and 5 hours later, he rings back...damn that adult soccer game. A short version of the game Laur broke her foot ran thru my I carried all 70 lbs of her off the Field, her foot hanging at an angle I cannot describe...while she shrieked " I want to stay in the game "... lovely memories.

This is a picture he sent me tonight. He had fore warned me during our visit at Thanksgiving...and his explanation was pretty much in alignment with the picture. As a Mother you wonder why this is necessary...and then move on to the next super you Matt, and may your foot heal quickly!

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