Friday, February 19, 2010



Rarely do I post 2 pictures in a day...though after being undecided as whether to post one of my Beale Street favorites and the most outrageous view I saw, I decided to go with both. Memphis was unusual, nice people, full of great food though the work was stressful.

Wednesday morning greeted me with a roach in my bathroom, and NO I do not stay at Roach Motels...that should have been a clue as to how the day would go...and in was.

The first picture is one of the Bar buildings on Beale Street...perhaps a want to be New Orleans, though empty at 5 pm. The second is a toilet seat...yes, that is correct a toilet seat in the shape of a guitar...what will they think of next?

Next week is Baltimore, and the following week I will be dining with my Son for my Birthday...priceless...I wonder if I will journey back to Eastern State...I will see.

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