Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day at the Dog Show

Day at the Dog Show

January has offered a day at the AKC Benched Dog Show at the Cow Palace the past several years. Usually it is just us "crazy Pug people", and this year I invited Virginia to join our Group. She has shown Great Pyrenees there in the past.

Though there were less vendors than last year, there was some great Art. The pugs showed at 1:45 pm, instead of the former 8:30 am ... so we enjoyed viewing them in the ring.

Two take-away's from today ... I met a fabulous collage artist by the name of Sam Price ... his hair reminded me of a former collegue ... Steve ... and go figure , he was his son ... it was fun to catch up a bit ... and re-live the afternoon Steve and Rex taught me to operate a Drake-Willock dialysis machine ... man-style! The second takeaway was, when at a Dog Show, the expectation is that you will photograph dogs ... not rusty walls! While shooting this shot today, a Pug Man and his pug positioned themselves in front of me completly blocking my shot. Guess they had never seen a woman laying on the floor, camera pointed at perfect metal and rust ... smiling ear to ear ... and thought she was actually DOING something ... I pride myself on not being "ordinary!!"

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