Saturday, January 23, 2010

Visiting the Past

Visiting the Past

I took a drive this morning ... curious to see some portions of my past. When Laur was in her early teens we owned a horse. We sold him when she required a spinal fusion to stablize her spine. The 5 years in between were some of the best moments of my life, and I spent hours busing girls back and forth to the barn, watching them groom, wash, ride, tack, clean stalls and just hang out.

Elvis had several homes during the time he was ours...he loved to be outside, and so an indoor-outdoor stall was our preference. As I wandered along country back roads today, I stopped at one of his former boarding empty, gates barely hanging on fences, brushes and buckets scattered in the barn aisle and the back door of the owners home open and swaying in the rain and breeze. The property was completly abandoned, and felt empty and sad.

This is one angle of the barn that I shot this morning...if I listened carefully, I could still here the girls laughing and talking...and the memories made me smile...

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